Club Executive

Kanata Nordic is run by a volunteer Executive, voted in at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive is in charge of all club operations, ensures good governance and works to develop, shape and run our all of our initiatives, programs and activities.

President: David Bentley

Vice-President: Nigel Wallis

Past-President: Marlene Alt

Secretary: Andy Weekes

Treasurer: Marsha Kelly

Membership Coordinator: Sunida Hurst

Trails Coordinator: Gene Vigneron

Facilities Coordinator: John Clarke

Promotions Coordinator: Vacant

Event Coordinator: Cory Garlock

Volunteer Coordinator: Vacant

Jackrabbit Coordinator: Maureen Smith

Racing Coordinator: Heather McCulligh

Masters Coordinator: Vacant

Teen Skate Coordinator: Heather Boswell

For General Inquires:

Interested in knowing more about the role of the Executive? Our Corporate Manual has this information and other essentials about the club’s operations.