Contacts / Club Executive

Meet Your 2014-2015 Executive

Please contact us with any questions about the club. In order to avoid spam mail we have not shown the full e-mail addresses here: please add “” after the e-mail account @ sign indicated.

General enquiries: info@

President: Richard Batty (president@) 

Past President: Mike Duivenvoorden (pastpresident@) 

Vice President: Marlene Alt (vicepresident@ or wesleycloverparks@)


Treasurer: Don Warner (treasurer@) 

Secretary: Rich Russell (secretary@)

Racing Coordinator: Jim Lambley (racing@) 

Masters Coordinator: Rory McCormick (masters@)

Jackrabbit Coordinator: Margaret McCombe (jackrabbit@)

Membership Coordinators: Kam Leung (registration@) 

Promotions Coordinator: Kaleigh McLaren (promotion@ or media@) 

Event Coordinator: Adrian Turcanu (events@) 

Trails Coordinator: Gene Vigneron (trails@) 

Teen Ski-Fit Coordinator: David Bentley (trackattack@)

Volunteer Coordinator: Lily Yip (volunteer@)

Please note that as of May 2011 Kanata Nordic no longer has a telephone number for messages. As this phone line was seldom used it was deemed an unnecessary expense. Email is the most effective way to contact the club, with our post office box (see bottom of lefthand column) as the alternative.