Kanata Nordic Racers Training Plans – Week of Nov-28th

The forecast is calling for 6 C and 30 mm of rain over the next 24 hrs. We don’t normally cancel practices except under most extreme conditions but we will if necessary this week.  If we decide to cancel you will receive a separate email, otherwise go straight to the gathering spot at Innovation Drive.  It’s not likely that we will have to cancel though.

Tuesday:  6:30 to 8:00 pm at Innovation Drive. We will be roller skiing if weather permits i.e. it’s not too wet, otherwise we’ll be running. Bring your head-lamps as if it rains, we may go for a long slow run for 50-60- minutes, with perhaps, a few sprint intervals thrown in. The practice outline will be on the white board to remind you.
Do the usual roller skiing warm up (10 minutes):
Seniors squad: 8 loops (3 x Free-Skate, 3 x One-Skate, 2 x Double-Pole);
Devo Squad: 4 loops (2 x Free-Skate, 1 x One-Skate, 1 x Double-Pole).

One-Skate technique session (15 minutes):
First progression step:  Pole twice on each glide ski before transferring to the other foot.  Complete on the slight uphill in parking lot.  The first few attempts are to be slow with the focus primarily on technique (i.e.: weight shift onto the ski, strong poling action taking from double poling technique).
Second progression step: change to single  poling on each side with a long glide. Watch the timing of the poling action as the poling is to occur while on a “flat ski” .
Third progression step:  Start with a slow One-Skate on a slight uphill gradually developing greater speed.
Last progression step: Do a faster One-Skate on slight downhill or on the flat trail.

Team One-Skate relay (20 minutes): Two teams involving all athletes will split in two groups with half of each team at each end of a 100m straight course.  The skiers at on end Double-Pole for approximately 50 metres to a cone in the centre then switch to One-Skate; the next team-mate starts when first skier crosses the Start/Finish line at either end of the 100m course.  Everyone on each team goes 3  or 4 times (depends on weather).

Trail Ski (30 minutes):
Senior Squad: Trail ski using One-Skate up both the hills on Terry Fox Drive going to and from Richardson Side Road.
Devo Squad: Trail ski using One-Skate up the first hill on Terry Fox Drive going toward and from Richardson Side Road.

Time Trial Alternative.  (15 minutes): Roller ski the maximum number of circuits around the parking lot in a given time:  Seniors-15 minutes.   Devos-10 minutes.

Thursday:  6:30 to 8:00 pm at Innovation Drive. TBA

Saturday:  9:00 to 11:30 pm likely in the Gatineau Park . TBA.

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