Notice for General Meeting Nov 30, 2014

Take Notice that a General Meeting of the members of Kanata Nordic (Kanata Cross Country Ski Club) will be convened at 4:00 PM on Sunday Nov 30 ,2014 at the Board Room of Dymon Storage opposite Canadian Tire across from the Kanata Centrum.

Purpose of the meeting
a) approval the purchase of grooming equipment being a Ginzu groomer and a snowmobile to pull the groomer (specifications on the equipment to be provided prior to the meeting)
b) agreement in principle that Kanata Nordic Ski Club relocate to Wesley Clover Parks situated along along Corkstown Road, subject to the Executive negotiating an agreement with terms and conditions acceptable to the Executive on behalf of the membership (details of this proposed move to be provided prior to the meeting.)

This Notice was posted on Friday, November 15, 2014

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