Adult Programs

We offer adult ski programs for Kanata Nordic members (ages 14 and up) to learn to ski and to refine their skiing technique. The programs include: Adult Novice for those first learning to ski, Adult Intermediate for skiers with some experience, an intermediate level Touring program and a new Adult Masters program. All programs are taught by experienced and trained coaches.

Program Information
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  • Adult Novice 2018-19

    The Adult Novice program is intended for beginners as well as those who have some skiing experience. This program focuses mostly on the classic technique.

    Program Times: Saturday afternoons from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

    Location: Wesley Clover Parks (401 Corkstown Rd)

    Program Prices: Pending 

    During these Saturday sessions, which build upon one another, we will cover the following:

    (1) Review of cross-country ski equipment

    (2) Basic waxing techniques

    (3) Start at the beginning: falling down and getting up

    (4) Classic diagonal stride (with emphasis on weight shift and glide)

    (5) Turning and stopping

    (6) Downhill technique (skiing in control: snow plow, step turns, double pole)

    (7) Climbing uphill: herringbone, side step, classic technique

    (8) Learning to use the terrain to your advantage to be an efficient skier: Which technique for which terrain?

    (9) Introduction to skate skiing (depending on the progress of the group and interest)

    Note: Group size is limited to 12 skiers for this program so register early to avoid disappointment. 

  • Adult Intermediate 2017-18