Adult Programs


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We offer adult ski programs for Kanata Nordic members (ages 14 and up) to learn to ski and to refine their skiing technique. The programs include: Adult Novice for those first learning to ski, Adult Intermediate for skiers with some experience, an intermediate level Touring program and a new Adult Masters program. All programs are taught by experienced and trained coaches.

Program Information
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  • Adult Novice 2017-18

    The Adult Novice program is intended for beginners as well as those who have some skiing experience. This program focuses mostly on the classic technique.

    2017 Program Dates:
    First 5-week session: Saturday, January 6 to February 3
    Second 5-week session: Saturday, February 10 to March 10
    10-week session: Saturday, January 6 to March 10

    Program Times: Saturday afternoons from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

    Location: Wesley Clover Parks (401 Corkstown Rd)

    Program Prices: 5-weeks:  $60.00 | 10 weeks:  $105.00

    During these Saturday sessions, which build upon one another, we will cover the following:

    (1) Review of cross-country ski equipment

    (2) Basic waxing techniques

    (3) Start at the beginning: falling down and getting up

    (4) Classic diagonal stride (with emphasis on weight shift and glide)

    (5) Turning and stopping

    (6) Downhill technique (skiing in control: snow plow, step turns, double pole)

    (7) Climbing uphill: herringbone, side step, classic technique

    (8) Learning to use the terrain to your advantage to be an efficient skier: Which technique for which terrain?

    (9) Introduction to skate skiing (depending on the progress of the group and interest)

    Note: Group size is limited to 12 skiers for this program so register early to avoid disappointment. 

  • Adult Intermediate 2017-18

    The Adult Intermediate program is intended for those who have developed a good basic classic technique and would like to hone their skills to become more efficient cross country skiers. Lessons build on the basic ski techniques taught in Adult Novice and will include learning the skate technique. You can register for one of two five-week sessions or 10 weeks.

    2017 Program Dates:
    First 5-week session: Saturday, January 6 to February 3
    Second 5-week session: Saturday, February 10 to March 10
    10-week session: Saturday, January 6 to March 10

    Program Times: Saturday afternoons from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

    Location: Wesley Clover Parks (401 Corkstown Rd)

    Program Prices: 5-weeks:  $60.00 | 10 weeks:  $105.00

    Note: Group size is limited to 12 skiers for this program so register early to avoid disappointment. 

  • Adult Touring 2017-18

    This program is available every Saturday morning and is conducted in various locations in Gatineau Park starting in January until the snow is gone. Led by Dena Schanzer, an NCCP Level 2 instructor, this program welcomes all intermediate skiers. The sessions consist of recreational skiing over a variety of terrain intermixed with instruction and pointers on classic and/or skating technique. The group meets at the Mlacak Centre parking lot in Kanata at 8:30 a.m. and travels to Gatineau Park for a 2-hour outing, more or less, depending on snow conditions and weather. You can select your own quitting time if you bring your own transportation. Whether you are training for your next loppet, want some pointers, or just want some company while you ski this may be the program for you. Better yet bring along a friend or family member.

    2016 Program Dates: Saturday, January 6th to Saturday, March 10th

    Program Times: Saturday mornings 8:30 am departure

    Location: Various locations in Gatineau park, option to meet at Mlacak Centre, Kanata for carpooling.

    Program Prices: Early-Bird (until November 14th): $60.00   |   Regular (after November 14th): $70.00 

    The use of Gatineau Park trails requires the purchase of a day pass or season’s pass. Check the Gatineau Park web site for more details. There are usually discounted season’s passes available from local retailers.

    Note: Group size will be limited to 16 skiers, but we will keep a waiting list and notify if openings arise later in the program

  • Adult Masters 2017-18

    Kanata Nordic Masters (KNM) is designed for active adults (17 years and above) with a love of the outdoors, and a goal to improve their XC ski skills and fitness with likeminded individuals in a Club atmosphere.  Participants should:

    – Fitness Level:  capable of continuous Zone 1 activity (approx. 60% of maximum heart rate) for no less than 60 – 90 minutes through activities such as cycling, XC skiing, running, hiking…..

    – Have fundamental classic and skate XC ski skills. i.e.  you know how to ski.

    – Generally be able to / interested in being active 250 – 300 hours/year; approx. 4-5 hrs/wk average (ex. gym, walking, running, skiing…)

    – Have an interest in periodically participating in races and/or events. (ex.  Gatineau Loppet, CSM etc. )

    – Appreciate that a good beer or a fine glass of wine are an unofficial part of many training plans.

    Format: The program will be divided into two separate components with their own registration:
    (i)  Dryland Training – October to November,

    (ii)  On-Snow – December to end of season.  Those registering in the dryland component will be given preference for on-snow component.

    What:  The program generally consists of 70 – 80% aerobic training, intermixed with intervals, intensity, ski specific strength and skills.  Participants in the On-Snow portion will be provided with a season XC training plan and coach feedback, coaching support and instruction during training sessions, and support at group events.  Dryland participants will be provided with weekly training plans.

    Roller skiing is encouraged during dryland to develop technique and balance.  Locations will be selected to ensure a variety of terrain choices depending on ability and confidence.

    Saturday:  Gatineau Park and occasionally Wesley Clover Parks and other destinations; 70-80%  long slow distance through hiking, roller skiing, skiing classic and skate

    Saturday/Sunday:  January through to mid March.  Most events/races are scheduled  on Saturdays and Sundays during this time period

    Tuesday/Thursday:  Kanata – various locations for dryland training / roller skiing. WCParks for on-snow.

    Events:  Participation in milestone events is encouraged:  Canadian Ski Marathon, or Gatineau Loppet and/or local National Capital Division Races such as Silver Spoon, Tay Valley Loppet, Thea’s Race.

    Club Atmosphere:  Kanata Nordic and their members are committed to the promotion of cross country skiing as a life long outdoor activity through the development and maintenance of facilities and programs. Members are strongly encouraged to assist with the operation of the Club through various volunteer activities requiring a range of skill sets and time commitments. Masters are also expected to assist with the success of the program through contributions such as ride sharing, waxing and race support and organizing group activities.

    Equipment:   Masters will require classic and skate skis as well as roller skis.

    Cost: In addition to a Club Membership the program cost is $100 (Dryland) and $200 (On-Snow) | Dryland & On-snow: $260 Race fees are not included.


For more information on the programs and which program is best for you contact Masters Coordinator 


Refund / Cancellation Policy: Memberships fees are non-refundable. If you wish to withdraw from a program, we will refund the program fee less 15% retained to cover the club’s associated administration costs. To obtain a refund please contact by January 19, 2015. Please note that Kanata Nordic reserves the right to cancel any programs with insufficient registration or without volunteer leaders. In this case every effort will be made to find an equivalent program or a refund will be offered.

Kanata Nordic programs are subject to the will of Mother Nature. We generally follow Cross Country Canada’s guidelines in terms of program cancellation. This means programs will be cancelled if conditions are unsafe  or temperatures are below acceptable limits. We attempt to reschedule cancelled events but this is at the discretion of group leaders. The Club will attempt to give its members as much notice as possible for program changes caused by weather we thank you for your understanding.