January 5, 2015.

With the snow we’ve just received skiing at The Parks could happen by next weekend.

But please be kind if we show some growing pains there. As we’ve only had mere weeks to create this new trail network much still has to be learned and fall into place.

For example, we’re figuring out how best to groom it all — a much trickier process than most realize! Plus the width of most trails requires many passes of our grooming equipment so many hours by our volunteer groomers, meaning we might not always get everything perfect every time. A big snow dump would be wonderful but also challenging, as we continue to groom at the Y camp too. Plus we still need to install signage at the new trails.

We should have a trail map ready in the next week or so and will post it then on the Kanata Nordic web site. We’ll also send an email club-wide about it. The map will indicate where to park and other such details.

Lastly, we would appreciate any donation you can make to the Indiegogo campaign! If lots of folks each make a donation of $20 (even $5) it will show not only an increase in the funding but a great endorsement for the project.

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