Lots of Snow Left at the end of March

Grooming is scheduled again Saturday morning, March 28.

Last full grooming was March 22.

Smoothed out the surface for fast skate-ski conditions. Existing tracks were avoided, so they remain along the majority of trail sections where they had been set last week – tracks are icy, due to the thaw/freeze cycles, so be careful and bring klister. Whichever your ski technique, be extra cautious on the downhills – even after deep renovating with the Ginzugroomer teeth, these sections still have an icy base, and the top layer of “machine-groomed granular” snow will be moved to the sides with a few skiers’ snowplowing. If ‘daredevil’ isn’t your middle name, consider removing your skis to descend the steeper sections.

Trails fully groomed:

– KN trails through campground and along Corkstown escarpment (in sequence from P3 – 11, 9, 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 )

– KN trail 5 was renovated several times, from different directions, to get maximum break-up of icy downhills

Trails partially groomed:

– KN warm-up/training arena (behind trailhead cabin)

– KN trail 2 (section from trailhead, west to TCT shortcut)

– TCT (one pass only, down the middle from KN trail 3 to Corkstown Rd)

Trails not groomed:

– KN trail 2 (southern perimeter of equestrian fields)

– KN trail 4 (spur trail from KN trail 1, to hydro line lookout)

Link to Y Bonnenfant Trail Conditions

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