WCP Trail conditions Tues Feb 3, 2015

We have groomed the Trans Canada Trail east until about 1 km away from Moodie and west across the Watts creek bridge and along the driving range up to the rail underpass. Look for the brand new, clean classic trackset.

On the equestrian side, in addition to trails 1 and 3, you will find a groomed warm-up loop, a few trails on the field along the 401 corkstown road and part of trail 2 up to the small and narrow crossing to TCT.

All trails in the campground (411 Corkstown Rd) are generally groomed for skate and classic, except #5.

Wesley Clover Parks at 401 Corkstown Road was groomed Tues pm. Most trails have classic tracks and there are lots of skate trails in the campground pic.twitter.com/LBvzOxrmvr


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