Welcome to Kanata Nordic 2014/15 season

More Good News from the Kanata Nordic Executive as of December 30,2014.

Welcome to the 2014/15 ski season with Kanata Nordic!
As some of you are already aware, at our Meeting of the General Membership on Sunday November 30,2014 , the Members approved the relocation of KN to the Wesley Clover Parks (the Parks) (along Corkstown Road) with the Executive to proceed with negotiating the necessary Agreements.  The Membership also approved the purchase of a new grooming machine and snowmobile to pull it.

This means that this winter  2014/15 is a transition year with most of our activities remaining at the Y with the exception of the  Racers who will use the Parks trails which we are able to groom. Our team of volunteer groomers will be doing double duty as they groom and maintain trails at both the Y and at the Parks. As a result of all these activities during this transition year, we have incurred a number of additional expenses (acquisition of grooming  equipment, on site storage facilities at the Parks and related costs) which are stretching our budget to its limit.

Therefore we are seeking your assistance through our crowd funding initiative which you can access at kanata nordic fund raising. While your support will help us in the short term with this transition year , it will also help us achieve our long term goals of developing a first rate cross country ski facility for Ottawa West, the next step of which will be full relocation of KN to the Parks for the 2015/16  ski season.  Check out the indiegogo web site for more details and how you can receive KN incentives to recognize your contributions to support our move to the Parks.

On with a few housekeeping matters for our programs at the Y starting this Saturday January 03,2015.
As Santa has been somewhat stingy with the snow this past week or so we will still run our programs (starting at 1:30 PM) as dry land programs if we have no snow by Saturday. Since this is the first Saturday, plan to arrive closer to 1 PM so that leaders can meet with and organize their classes. You should also receive email information from your respective instructors as to details of your child’s program for this Saturday. Most leaders should be wearing orange safety vests for easy identification.
Parking is a major factor and for those of you who are new, there are two parking lots; the inner lot which our parking marshal will identify for you and the outer lot adjacent to the entrance. Please use these lots and avoid parking on Sixth Line which can be dangerous with a steady stream of traffic on a Saturday afternoon.  If the parking lots are full , do not park on the curve of Sixth line, but move beyond the entrance to the straight portion of that road.
In addition to our regular Saturday afternoon programs, we host our Annual Pretzel Race and we have two evening ski nights at the Y (a family ski night and one just for the parents). For dates and more info have a look at our Calendar of Events elsewhere on this web site.
In the meantime, work on your snow dance and dust off the “rock skis”.

Richard Batty
President, Kanata Nordic.

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