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For November 8, 2009

Track Attack will run again this week on Sunday at 1:30 pm at the Kanata Lakes Beaverpond for 2 hours.
Same format as the last few weeks.  Hike for a warmup, then running, exercises and games, then hike back.  Please bring a drink.  Also please let me knowif you will make it or not.
Please note that the Track Attack 400K club points officially started on Nov 1st.  I hope you are keeping track of your mileage, walking, running, biking (and at some point skiing).  The goal is to get to 400K by the end of March.  You will get an email soon inviting you to join the online spreadsheet to log your totals daily.  For those who are not in Track Attack, but on my email list, you are invited to still participate.

Finally PLEASE remember that you are required to register for the Track Attack Program with Kanata Nordic.  See you on Sunday.  Looks like another good weather day.


Trak Atak Program Information Sheet

This is a program from Cross Country Canada that is meant for kids who have completed the Jackrabbit Program. Participants may be between ages 10-15. The program is focused on a combination of participatory and competitive elements. There is technique work, touring, fitness activities and a few races included as part of the program. For full details click on the icon above.

For further information contact Track Attack Coordinator, Dev Paul.

2008-2009 Program

What is the Track Attack Program?: This is a new program from Cross Country Canada that is meant for kids who have completed the Cross Country Canada Jackrabbit Program. Participants may be between ages 10-14. The coordinator for this program is Devashish Paul (promotion@kanataxcski.ca). Your registration consists of an annual membership in the club to cover insurance and trail grooming as well as fees for the Track Attack program that includes entry to one of the Gatineau Loppet (Keskinada) XC ski races.

Who Are We? We are the Kanata Nordic Ski Club (KNSC) consisting of you, the members. In addition to the Track Attack program, we run a racing program and Jackrabbit Ski Program in Kanata, part of the nationally certified Jackrabbit Ski League developed by Cross Country Canada (CCC). Steve Howard is club president, Harris Kirby runs the Racing and Mike Duivenvoorden and Steve Howard run the Junior Racing program, and Ardeth Kirkham is the Jackrabbit programs coordinator


Volunteers: The ski program is run by volunteer members, including you, the parents of the program participants. Your participation is necessary to ensure the success of the program. We need your participation as coaches, assistants, safety assistant’s, weekly activities (hot chocolate, fire supervising) special events organizers and for other activities. Access to training is provided for prospective coaches and assistants. Please let us know what your skills are and how you can help out. Contact any club executive member if you wish to volunteer your services. 

Where and When: Like the Jackrabbit program Sessions are held Saturday afternoons between 1:30 and 3:45 at the YMCA-YWCA Outdoor Centre at 1620 Sixth Line Road. To get there take Riddell Road, north off the Dunrobin Road, to Sixth Line Road, just 10 minutes north from Alcatel (See Google map). During regular sessions a room, staffed by a volunteer, is available to warm-up in. In parallel with the Jackrabbit program there are several special events throughout the season, including family ski days; trips to Gatineau Park and an end of season Awards and Fun Day.


Calendar of Events: The program begins on Saturday, Nov 13th starting with our fall dryland activities at the Kanata Lakes Beaver Pond or the Y Outdoor Centre, which moves to snow as soon as we have it. The winter program starts on Sat Jan 5th, and officially runs to March 18th. Our February 02 session will be held in Gatineau Park to provide an opportunity to experience this world class XC ski facility (adults must purchase a pass at the trails). There is no lesson on Feb 16th; instead the kids are registered to race at the Keskinada 5K classic. More advanced kids are encouraged to also enter the 10K skate on Sunday. We also encourage participation in other local events listed in this year’s calendar of events.

Skills Progression: At season end an awards booklet is provided with collector cards handed out for achieving various skills. In addition to the skills, a time trial, and accumulated distance certificates are also handed out. 

Clothing: Dress appropriately for the temperature and conditions. For older children and parents, layer clothing using breathable fabrics that wick moisture away. Wool or fleece sweaters, polypropylene or Lifa© underwear, Thinsulate© and Gortex© are recommended apparel items. If possible avoid cotton, which does not wick moisture away from the body. Don’t forget an outer windproof layer. Hands and feet should be kept warm and dry and the head covered. Avoid cotton socks. 


Snacks: Please have the children well fed and hydrated before arrival and be sure they have water or a drink and a snack. Please NO SNACKS WITH NUTS or NUT PRODUCTS. There are children in the program who have allergies to these products, including even trace amounts. Some snack ideas are: cheese & crackers, fruit, raisins, dried fruits, yogurt, nut-free cereals, pita bread, home-made nut-free cookies or muffins or even left-over pizza. We are nut aware but cannot guarantee nut free facilities!

Be On Time: Please be on time, even better, be early so you can put on equipment, wax skis, ski some extra distance to add to earn distance badges etc. Arriving late is disruptive to the programs.

Track Attack Focus

A. Classic Skills
B. Skating Skills
C. Downhill Skills
D. Other
1. Ski Walking w/o Poles 1. Free Skate 1. Straight Running 1. Racing classic
2. Diagonal Stride 2. Half Skate (Marathon) 2. Braking Snow Plow 2. Racing skate
3. Uphill Diagonal Stride 3. Diagonal Skate 3. Braking ½ Snow Plow 3. Time Trial
4. Double Pole 4. Uphill 2 Skate (Offset) 4. Snow Plow Turns 4. Ski Tournament
5. OneStep Double Pole 5. One Skate 5. Step Turns 5. Ski Touring
6. Classical Endurance 6. Two Skate 6. Parallel Side Step

7. Skating Endurance


Weekly Checklist (2007-2008)

· When: Every Saturday starting Nov 17th to Mar 15th, 1:30 to 3:45 pm.
· Where: Y Camp on 6th Line Road. Feel free to use these trails all week
· Equipment: Skis, poles and boots. Only SNS or NNN systems are permitted. Ideally you will have a set of skate and classic skis and combi boots, although one pair will suffice for both techniques.
· Clothing: Toque, gloves/mittens, windproof outer layer, and layers that breathe and wick moisture away at inner layers. Avoid cotton. 
· Snack: Something to drink and eat during the break halfway through. Hot chocolate is also available.
· Waxing: If you have waxless skis, no need to worry. If are unsure what wax to use, please arrive early and ask your group’s coach who will tell you what to wax with and can help you with some guidance.
· Parents: Are encouraged, to ski along with children or be assistant leaders.


2008 Special Events Calendar

· Jan 13th (SUNDAY): Gatineau Park Family Ski Outing, 13:30 to 15:30|
· February 2nd: Track Attack Saturday trip to the Gatineau Park. Give yourself a little extra time to allow for about a 40-minute drive. This is a world-class cross-country skiing facility and well worth the trip. Note that there is an additional cost at the trails for adults. ($10.00 ea.) Details to follow.
· Feb 10th (SUNDAY): Track Attack Sunday session, location TBD
· February 16th and 17th: Gatineau Loppet in Gatineau Park. In addition to the main 25 and 50K distance races the 5k classic is on Saturday the 16th and the 10K skate is on Sunday the 17th. Entry to one of these events is included with the Track Attack program fee.
· Feb 24th (SUNDAY): Kanata Nordic ski Club Classic Ski Tournament. Attendance is mandatory.
· March 1st: Norway ski Day, Gatineau Park Family Ski Outing, location and time TBD.
· March 8th: Jackrabbit and Track Attack Fun Day; Various activities and games will be organized (Volunteers needed) Achievement and badges will be awarded.
· March 15th: Gatineau Park Family Ski Outing, 13:30 to 15:30
· Others: There are a multitude of events available and we will post them on a regular basis. Many of the events have specific fun races set up for younger children.
· Thu Evening skis: At Kanata Lakes Golf Course from 6:30 to 7:30 or at Y Camp from Jan 3rd to Mar 6th. (More information on email)
*Dates are subject to change. Please check email weekly to confirm.


Distance Certificates: In addition to badges for technique, a certificate is awarded for total distance skied over the season (25, 50, 75,100, 150 kilometers). Record all distance skied or run during the season, not just at the Saturday session. 

Coach’s Training: We continue to provide coach training through Cross Country Canada’s Introduction to Community Coaching Program. We will also have the Community Coach 16 hour course in January, for those who completed the introduction to community coaching. If you are interested in coaching training please contact Ardeth Kirkham (jackrabbit@kanataxcski.ca).

Contact the Track Attack Program Coordinator - Devashish Paul - Email

Have a Great Ski Season!