Important Parking and Trail Information

1. Parking – There are 2 parking areas open, the inner lot and the main lot. To get to the inner lot drive through the gate past the outer lot and turn left. We encourage families with small children to park in the inner lot as there will be less traffic there.

2. Overflow parking – If both lots are full, people can park on the road but we would encourage them to park PAST (north of) the entry to the main parking lot to avoid fast moving cars coming from the turn. If members without children are able, they can park on the road to provide more spaces for families in the inner lots.

3. Trail access – From the inner lot members can now ski along the road from the chalet to behind the Vail building. From the main parking lot, the trail access is directly into the training field, then from the far end of the training field to the connecting trail behind the Vail. There are signs posted indicating this. Please do no ski in the area around the YMCA office or the area behind the YCMA office. Respect any areas marked off as non-ski areas.

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