Ski Technique Resources

Trusted Sources

Nordiq Canada:

From Nordiq Canada, here is a list of technique videos for classic, skate and general agility techniques for skiers of all ages:

Nordic Ski Lab: A useful resource, although predominantly for paid subscribers, with in-depth slow-motion video analysis of skate and classic technique. Subscribers can ask for more feedback.
Main site:
Free technique videos channel here

Instructional Videos on YouTube

You can find a number of videos on to help you teach your skiers various techniques.

XC Ski Academy offers free “How to” videos and tips about diagonal stride, skating, classic skiing, V1, V2A, V2, no pole skating, kick double pole and more. Click here for their channel

Classic Skiing

Fundamentals of Classic Skiing. 30 minute long video for beginners to intermediate athletes:

Traditional Nordic technique (diagonal stride):

Double Poling technique:

Skate Technique

Free Skate 
The free skate technique is the basis for most skating techniques. This short video does a great job of pointing out the most common errors that learners make. Have a look:

One Skate, a a low-gear technique for power on an incline:

Here is a series of instructional videos from an Eastern Massachusetts ski club that covers a range of progressions. Note that the American terminology is sometimes different — for example, V1 and V2 for them is One Skate and Two Skate for us.

Pushing Boundaries

Nordic skis can do a lot more than you think:

Red Bull meets Nordic skiing


Here’s another video on how to apply glide wax. You can find a video on just about any topic so do a search on YouTube for whatever you need!

Remember that the videos are not necessarily what Cross Country Canada recommends and for that you should refer to the manuals from the coaching courses.