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Weekend Wax Tips

Wax Advice

Some tips:

  • There are many websites that provide good advice about how to grip wax. Google can be your friend on this one.
  • Swix Sport has a Wax Wizard that can help determine what wax to use. Please note they obviously advise you to use some type of Swix product.
  • You should identify your wax pocket (i.e., where you put grip wax). You can do a test (a quick Google search will help you find tutorials for this – just Google “wax pocket”) to figure it out or you can decide to wax from a little bit behind your heel (a centimeter or two) to about 10-15 cms in front of your boot ( For adult size skis. Adjust if your skis are shorter!). Often people then mark their skis on the sidewall for future reference. 
  • Always having trouble getting grip? It could be your skis. They may be too stiff for your weight. Skis need to press down on the snow in order for the wax too work. Here are a few things you can try:
    • Extend your wax pocket, especially farther behind your heel. If you have glide wax on your skis and you’re planning to extend your wax pocket, remember to clear the glide wax from where you’ll be putting your grip wax. Grip wax does not stay on top of glide wax.
    • Put on more layers of the same wax. This is especially good if you’re getting some grip, but want a bit more.
    • And remember – don’t layer cold wax on top of warm wax! Always warmer wax on colder wax.

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