Volunteer Opportunities

Be part of the Kanata Nordic team

As a volunteer-run club Kanata Nordic’s success depends on member contributions and involvement. It is expected that all members will commit to volunteer in some way through the season for a one-time or longer running volunteer commitment. Some programs, such as racing, will require a set volunteer commitment.

Volunteering can be very rewarding and often you get back more than you put in. Rewards include new skills, new friends and contacts, personal pride and accomplishment, the opportunity to share knowledge and skills, being part of a community and, of course, just having fun. There are volunteer opportunities are available to suit everyone’s time, schedule and skill set.

Fee-in-lieu of volunteer work: All adult members are expected to help the club operate through by volunteering. There are a range of volunteer opportunities throughout the year that can be done onsite or at home. Those who cannot contribute time can pay a fee-in-lieu of volunteering: $75 for dual-parent family & couple memberships; $40 for single parent family & individual memberships. You can select this option at registration. Parents of athletes in the Racing Program cannot choose this option as the program need is too great.

General Tasks

There are many volunteer tasks that take a modest amount of time and little to no experience. These include things like helping out at our Pretzel Race (handing out water to racers, working at the food table, collecting race bibs, etc.), at our Club fun/ social events (Fun Run, Social ski & potluck nights, members’ race challenges, end-of season appreciation day ….only with your help can we make these happen!), at our trail maintenance days (light-to-medium manual labour outdoors), helping to direct traffic to maximize our parking area for an hour at the start of ski lessons, and many more. For these tasks we generally send out a club-wide email when the help is needed and you simply respond to that.

Bunnyrabbit & Jackrabbit Opportunities 

Leader / Assistant for Learn to Ski Program – Jackrabbits
We have a great group of little skiers waiting to hit the trails. This year we are in need of Leaders & Assistants to fill this need. If you love to have fun in the snow this is a very gratifying and needed volunteer opportunity.
  • Skills Needed: Skiing experience at various levels
  • Time Commitment: Saturdays from 1:30 to 3:30, Jan. 6 to Mar. 10
  • Opportunities: Jackrabbit 1 (one leader), Jackrabbit 2 (two leaders), Jackrabbit 4 (one leader)

Youth Ski Program Opportunities 

Leader / Assistant for Teen Ski Fit Program

Assistant coach for the teen ski fit program. Sharing the instruction duties in teaching the skate ski technique.

Facility Opportunities 

Facilities Set-Up
Task: Moving chalet equipment from container to chalet and setting up chalet at 411 (campground site); loading firewood into rack; needs 4 to 5 people
Time: About 2 hours maximum on a weekend morning in late November
Facilities Set-Up

Task:  Moving chalet equipment from chalet to container at 411; moving deck box from cabin to container at 401
Time:  About 2 hours maximum on a weekend morning in mid-April

Rental Equipment Setup
Task:  Moving chalet equipment from chalet to container at 411; moving deck box from cabin to container at 401
Time: About 2 hours maximum on a weekend morning in mid-April
Rabbit Safety Parking 

Task:  organize parking during lessons at 411; needs 1 person
Time: about 30-40 minutes near start of each lesson;  can be for season or for 1 or more sessions

Parking Ambassador 

Task: Gate ambassador to restrict access to parking lots at 401 and 411 on weekends IF MEMBERSHIP REMAINS HIGH; inform visitors about members only policy and note other parking options; needs many volunteers 
Time:  2 hour shift on Saturday and Sunday mornings; can be one time or many times

Ski & Snowshoe Rental Shop Attendants
Now that Kanata Nordic has rental equipment, we require several volunteers to enable us to have the ski shop open at popular trail use times, such as on weekends and some evenings.
  •  Role Type: Onsite.
  • Skills Needed: Basic knowledge of ski equipment and the difference between skate and classic techniques; familiarity with the Kanata Nordic trail network; basic administration skills (filling out forms, purchase transactions); previous retail experience is ideal.
  • Task: Staffing the ski shop at 411 Corkstown Road (near the main cabin) for shifts of 2-4 hours; can be one time or several times; training provided; ideal for a student wanting community service hours, under the supervision of a senior volunteer.
  • Commitment: can be as little as one time, or more frequently.


Grant Writing & Fundraising Lead or Support Person
The club regularly relies on grants to initiate new projects and cover the high costs of trail maintenance and grooming equipment.
We are also interested in fundraising for various activities, whether it’s securing prizes for an auction or giveaways at the year-end party or to help cover purchases for programs (like pizza for Jackrabbit Fun Day, refreshments for our social night skis, waxes for the racers, etc.)
  • Time Commitment: A fundraising activity might only take a few hours. Helping with a grant would range from several hours to several days worth of effort, spread over weeks or months. The lead position for these activities would require a few hours each month over most of the year.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Research fundraising ideas, and/or lead the activity
    • Research grants available to the club, with input from the Executive on what funding is required
    • Manage the grant submission, including writing the application
    • Engage other volunteers as required (a list will be provided)
We are striving to be a more bilingual club, and require someone with good written French to help with our printed materials: maps, signage, brochure, etc. Original material will be written in English.
  • Skills Needed: Good level of written French proficiency and familiarity with general xc skiing and trail terminology.
  • Key Responsibilities:  Translate English text into French.

Time Commitment:Most of the need is later summer and early fall; can be done anywhere.


Community Program Opportunities 

Planners and On-snow Leaders and Assistants for All-ages Skiing and Snowshoe Sessions

Kanata Nordic’s new community program aims to lower the barrier to winter fitness for all by introducing snowshoeing and cross-country skiing to Ottawa residents who would not otherwise access these activities.

We know that outdoor activity levels are much lower in winter, and how important fresh air, exercise and community are for physical and mental well-being. For many, the initial cost of equipment and not knowing how to start are deterrents, particularly amongst newcomers to Canada and and lower income sectors.

In our first year (winter 2019) we hosted participants from Burundi, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Syria.

  • Skills Needed: For the planner, general administrative skills to research and reach out to community groups who may benefit from this program. Training and guidance provided. On-snow volunteers should be confident skiers or snowshoers, comfortable helping with children and adults. Knowledge of the Kanata Nordic trails is helpful.
  • Time Commitment: For the planner the commitment would be for several months, for an hour here and there, and onsite for the sessions. For the on-snow volunteers the commitment is for a single session, generally about 2 hours. The sessions could be weekday afternoons, early evenings or on the weekend. Dates are to be determined.
Looking for a few photographers to take pictures throughout the season!
  • Skills Needed: Medium photography skills and a camera.
  • Key Responsibilities:  Take a range of photographs and share.

Additional volunteer opportunities will be shared throughout the season, including opportunities for high school students to gain Community Service hours with Kanata Nordic.

Or you may have an idea of a role you can fill that we have not thought of before. To find out more or pass on your ideas, please contact kanatanordicvolunteer@gmail.com .