Ski Programs

Kanata Nordic offers a range of ski programs for children, youth, and adults including a youth racing program. Our children and youth programs follow Cross Country Canada’s  skill development program that aligns with Sport Canada’s eight-stage Long Term Athlete Development model (LTAD).

Our Ski Programs: 

Here’s a summary of the 2021-2022 program offerings to download.

If the program you would like to register for is full, please add yourself to the waitlist here. Kanata Nordic’s limiting factor for children’s program enrollment is having enough coaches; please consider volunteering so we can help more children learn about skiing.


Coaching Opportunities

Kanata Nordic programs are volunteer-run and depend on volunteer coordinators and coaches. Don’t be afraid that you’re not knowledgeable enough; at the Bunny Rabbit level, enthusiasm for kids is equally – if not more – important than technical skiing knowledge. Kanata Nordic subsidizes training from Nordiq Canada to improve technical coaching capabilities as you progress through higher levels such as Jackrabbits. We have other coaches to lean upon as well as pre-constructed lesson plans to follow. For more information on coaching training and leader / assistant leader opportunities, please email the Jackrabbit Coordinator.


*Note: To add or change programs after becoming a member or for program refunds, please send email request to

2020-21 Program Prices


Bunnyrabbit, Jackrabbit &

Regular: $85.00

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Teen Skate 1 & 2

Regular: $165.00

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Youth Racing: Mini-Midget & Midget Racers

Regular: $375.00

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Kanata Nordic Racers

Regular: $450.00

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Adult Novice & Intermediate

10-weeks Regular: $125.00

5-weeks: $75.00

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Adult Touring

Regular: $95.00

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Regular: $35.00

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