Opportunities: Be Part of the KN Team

As a volunteer-run club Kanata Nordic’s success depends on member contributions and involvement. It is expected that all members will commit to volunteer in some way through the season for a one-time or longer running volunteer commitment. Some programs, such as racing, will require a set volunteer commitment.

Volunteering can be very rewarding and often you get back more than you put in. Rewards include new skills, new friends and contacts, personal pride and accomplishment, the opportunity to share knowledge and skills, being part of a community and, of course, just having fun. There are Volunteer opportunities are available to suit everyone’s time, schedule and skill set.

Fee-in-lieu of volunteer work: All adult members are expected to contribute to helping the club run by volunteering. There are a range of volunteer opportunities throughout the year that can be done onsite or at home. Those who cannot contribute time can pay a fee-in-lieu of volunteering: $50 for family memberships, $35 for couple memberships, $25 for individual memberships. Parents of athletes in the Racing Program cannot choose this option as the program need is too great. You can select this option at registration.

Trails & Facility Opportunities 

Kanata Nordic Snowshoe Lead

 Volunteer will lead the development, marking, grooming and promotion of a snowshoe trail system to complement the Ski trail system. The lead volunteer can involve additional help. Further details can be discussed with an interested volunteer

Kanata Nordic Facilities Coordinator
Executive position who plans and coordinates club items relating to the club facility.  This position can recruit/ delegate tasks to facilities lead positions.  A new volunteer in this position will have support of experienced exec and club members.

Reports to : Executive /President

Tasks :

  • Attends monthly Executive board meetings. (Sept- June), prepares annual  facilities budget
  • Identification of program items required and coordinates cabin set up for the season – tables, chairs, program items, hot chocolate items, heaters, etc.
  • Coordinates with Wesley Clover Parks to plan and manage any snow removal needs;  also plans for snow removal  for trail access from parking lots, cabin path/steps and ski rack access snow removal
  • Coordinates purchase and delivery of firewood for the season
  • Plans and coordinates parking control during high volume times (Sat pm); aparking lead can be identified for this task
  • Coordinates withWesley Clover Parks about site issues, gate opening/closing, gate lockboxes, cabin lockboxes as necessary
  • Ensures that miscellaneous facilities and chalet items are purchased and  in place – sand/salt/ mats/ trash bins, trash bags, shovels, etc.
  • Arranges for portable restrooms for season and special events
  • Works with Events Coordinator for facilities needs during special club events, such as the Ski Swap, Pretzel Race and Snow Day  
  • Investigates and coordinates purchase and setup of any new structure, or storage infrastructure (such as  storage tents, gravel placement in maintenance area)  
  • Additional facilities tasks as identified as the club grows.
Kanata Nordic Signage / Mapping Lead
Lead volunteer to coordinate Kanata Nordic Site Signage, and mapping / trail marking of the ski trail system. Will have help/guidance of experience volunteers to plan and order the signs.
  •  Role Type: Lead volunteer; onsite and offsite.
  • Skills Needed: Simple carpentry skills
  • Task: Installation of signs and Mapboxes.
  • Commitment: 1 year, but can continue forward.

Bunnyrabbit & Jackrabbit Opportunities 

Leader / Assistant for Learn to Ski Program – Jackrabbits
We have a great group of little skiers waiting to hit the trails. This year we are in need of Leaders & Assistants to fill this need. If you love to have fun in the snow this is a very gratifying and needed volunteer opportunity.
  • Skills Needed: Skiing experience at various levels
  • Time Commitment: Saturdays from 1:30 to 3:30, Jan. 6 to Mar. 10
  •  Opportunities: Jackrabbit 1 (one leader), Jackrabbit 2 (two leaders), Jackrabbit 4 (one leader)
Manager of Hot Chocolate Break
We are in need of a volunteer who would be able to coordinate the Hot Chocolate break. It could be a role supported by a committee / additional volunteers.
  •  Skills Needed: No specific skills 
  • Time commitment: Saturdays from 1:00 to 3:00, Jan. 6 to Mar. 10 (and some additional organization time in December)
  • Key Deliverables:
    • Create a Schedule
    • Purchase Supplies
    • Ensure smooth running of the breaks
Contact Maureen Smith to Volunteer

Youth Ski Program Opportunities 

Leader / Assistant for Learn to Ski Program – Jackrabbits

Assistant coach for the teen ski fit program. Sharing the instruction duties in teaching the skate ski technique.

  • Skills Needed: ICC and CC coach certification

Event Support

Snow Day 2018 Planning Volunteers & Onsite
Support for Snow Day 2018, taking place Sun Jan 21. Various tasks needed and opportunity for multiple volunteers.
  • Time Commitment: a few hours before; 1 or more hours during the event. One-time event support onsite and offsite options.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Prior to the event we need someone to help line up a food vendor (some preliminary work already done here)
    • Prior to the event there’s help needed to scope out the different volunteers needed at the event, and to brainstorm ideas
    • Day of the event help is needed onsite; mostly light organizational stuff and also facilities work like preparing a bonfire, moving some tables, etc.


We are striving to be a more bilingual club, and require someone with good written French to help with our pprinted materials: maps, signage, brochure, etc. Original material will be written in English.
  • Skills Needed: Good level of written French proficiency and familiarity with general xc skiing and trail terminology.
  • Key Responsibilities:  Translate English text into French.
  • Time Commitment:Most of the need is later summer and early fall; can be done anywhere.

Community Events

Canadian Eastern Championships – Various Volunteer Opportunities

Get ready for one of the largest x-c skiing events of the year in Canada!

The Canadian Eastern Championships  (Feb 2nd-Feb 4th, 2018) are being  organized with the collaboration of all ski clubs in this region:  Chelsea Nordiq, Kanata Nordic, Nakkertok, Skinouk, XC Ottawa and XC Chelsea Masters.  More than 600 athletes and 300 spectators from every province in Canada and across the US will be at this three-day race series being held at the Nakkertok South ski facility in Cantley, QC. The official race website is at www.cecski.ca.

To make this event successful we need your help!  Volunteering is a great way to meet other members of the ski community and the volunteer contribution that you make will benefit your own ski group as revenues generated by this event are shared according to the volunteer hours amassed by each club.

To volunteer, please go to  http://easterns.ivolunteer.com/.  Detailed instructions on how to sign up for volunteering are at the bottom of this page.  It’s really easy! iVolunteer will be used for communicating with all Easterns 2018 volunteers so please make sure your spam filter is set to allow emails from iVolunteer.com.

If you have any questions contact one of the  Easterns Volunteer Coordinators,     

Carolyn Raab (Chelsea Nordiq)  easternsvolunteers@gmail.com Rachel Williams (Nakkertok) rachel_minerva@yahoo.ca



Additional volunteer opportuniteis will be shared throughout the season, including opportunities for high school students to gain Community Service hours with Kanata Nordic.

Or you may have an idea of a role you can fill that we have not thought of before. To find out more or pass on your ideas, please contact volunteer@kanatanordic.ca.