Cancellation Policies & Information

Lesson Reminders

1. Please stay away from equestrian equipment and stable (its a safety issue) 
  • Skiers should not be skiing paddocks on the far side of the stable and there is no walking into the horse stalls. This is of course inappropriate and dangerous.
  • Please remind your children to stay on trails and designated fields 
  • Stables, equestrian activities and equipment are out of bounds
2. Bathroom access 
  •  Bunnies and JRs can access the indoor bathrooms but ONLY through the front door of the WCParks Office
  •  WCParks will install signs and barriers to keep folks from being where they should not
  • Please remind your children to stay away from the stables or we will not be able to use the indoor bathrooms.
3.  Hot chocolate break and nut free snack for BR/JR/Dyna
  •  Please remember to bring mugs for your child’s hot chocolate break.
  •  Kanata Nordic will  supply the hot chocolate; you supply your own nut-free snack and mug 
4.   Communications from your child’s group leaders
  • Please look out and read the emails from your group leader . The emails contain important information about meeting places, equipment and lesson plans

Program Cancellation Policy  

As much as we love to ski, there are some days when learn-to-ski lessons are not feasible due to weather conditions. Lesson cancellation will happen in the event of extreme weather or unsafe ski conditions (i.e. freezing rain / icy conditions).

We follow Cross Country Ontario Guidelines for cancellation:

  • Bunnyrabbit groups (age 4-6): If the temperature without windchill is below -15°C
  • For older children / adults : If the temperature without windchill is below – 18°C

Determining & Communicating Cancellations:
Lesson cancellations are determined by 10:30 am on Saturday mornings and be posted on the website.

In colder temperatures leaders adjust their lesson plans so skiers are not standing around and have more frequent breaks.  As well, we respect parents decision to determine what is best for their child and in what conditions they should be skiing.

Always make sure you and your children are dressed for the weather and are comfortable in the conditions.