Day Pass

Purchase a Day Pass to ski or snowshoe on our trails at Wesley Clover Parks during the 2019-2020 season. Passes ($10.00 skiing / $5.00 snowshoe) are required for skiers above age 12 when using the trails and can be purchased here or with cash at the trailhead.

For single pass purchases for skiing or snowshoeing, deposit the receipt in the cash-box or carry it with you in electronic form. When you arrive at the trailhead, please sign the logbook.

Bulk purchases are available on-line only. Purchase passes here in advance and vouchers will be emailed within 5 days. Day pass vouchers can be printed for depositing into the cash-box or carried with you in electronic form. All skiers or snowshoers should sign the logbook at the trailhead each time. Contact for further information.

Bulk passes are also available (online only) for group ski outings or to enjoy skiing multiple times:

  • 5 passes $45
  • 10 passes $75
  • 20 passes $120

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