Week of Feb 07

An amazing show of skiing, effort and improvement at the Kanata Sprints yesterday.  Thank you to all who participated and helped out.

Tuesday Feb 08, 6:30 – Mlacak Centre – Technique is Skate:  the weather seems to suggest a green wax.

Start with a ski and warm-up followed by some intervals. 

The Ottawa Orienteering Club is running and event for ski orienteering at 7:00 as follows.  You are encouraged to try this out, or you can continues to ski.   
Time:  7:00PM, meet inside the Mlacak Centre lobby for a short information. Mass start around 7:15PM.
Please email  Stefan Bergstrom at stefanb@xplornet.com by Monday night if you are coming so I can print enough maps.
 The course will be a “one-person relay” with three loops, each around 1.5km for a total distance of 4.5-5km. You do not have to do all three loops if you just want to give Ski-O a try.  Please bring a headlight so you can read the map in the dark.  Some kind of map holder is recommended. The simplest example is a map case with a string around your neck, so you can ski pole without holding your map in your hand.
For basic information about ski-Orienteering see http://www.ottawaoc.ca/SKI-O%20PAGES/index.html       

Thursday February 10, 6:30-8:00 –  Riverfront Park – Technique is classic for those doing classic. – at this point the wax appears to be blue or green.  Classic skiers bring your skate skis as well. 

Saturday February 12, 8:30 – 11:30 –  Nakkertok at Eastern Canadian Championships – Technique will be skate.  Meet at the edge of the parking lot near at the walking entrance to the site (near the steel arch building).  We will ski trails not used for Easterns and then watch some of the sprint relays.  Aim to arrive early as there will be many cars for Easterns and you may have to ski in or take a shuttle.  Let me know if you are coming.


Saturday February 12, 1;15- 3:30:  LTT at Riverfront Park.  We will work on technique and likely spend some time with the Dynarabbits.   TTT skiers are welcome if you would like some technique pointers.

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