Happy Trails!

Discover upgrades to our trail network plus changes to access points and hours

Now that the ski season is well underway, we’re thrilled to be back on the boards and hitting the trails. This year we’ve made many upgrades to our trail network, as well as some changes to access points and hours.

Some of the updates were made due to changes to the annual Magic of Lights display, which is a significant event for Wesley Clover Parks and a fundraiser for the Ottawa Senators Foundation.

The upgrades, which were made in collaboration with The Parks, also help make the trails safer and more accessible for our members. They are a great long-term investment for our club.

Highlights of trail upgrades include:

  • New bypasses around the roads used by the Magic of Lights display to separate skiers from the light set-up
  • Improvements to Trail 8, making it a sizable loop that offers a great view, west to Kanata, of the city lights at night
  • An alternate route around the maintenance area near the chalet (where all the containers and outside equipment are stored) to avoid congestion during programs and allow access to 411 Corkstown trails from parking lot P3 during the Magic of Lights festival
  • Two new training areas that include multiple lanes of parallel tracks for children’s programs, also away from Magic of Lights displays
  • Renumbering of the 411 trail system to improve way-finding
  • Expanded parking and drainage improvements at the 411 entrance off Corkstown Road to deal with the “ice road” from last year


Access points, hours and gate closures

The gate at 401 Corkstown is open from 7:00 a.m. until 8:45 p.m. daily. If you plan to ski later please park outside the gates. Once the Magic of Lights displays are fully removed the Kanata Nordic gate will remain open. The recent freeze-thaw cycles have delayed the display removal (with some posts frozen into the ground).

Note that trails at 411 Corkstown are always accessible from P3 via Trail 2 or by crossing over the tracks on Corkstown Road from 401.


Planning is underway for more improvements next year

We’re already looking ahead to upgrades for next season, such as:

  • Ongoing improvements to challenging areas on trails such as the side slope on Trail 12
  • A ‘snow park’ of bumps and jumps for children to play in
  • Ongoing drainage improvements to address problem areas


Shout out to our amazing trail volunteers!

A big thank you to our dedicated trail crew that spent many weeks in the fall preparing the trails for the ski season. It takes a village to maintain a trail network – thank you everyone. We always need more help – check out the volunteer opportunities and come join us.


Get the latest grooming updates and trail conditions

View the trail map for details about the trail upgrades. Find updates about trail conditions, grooming news – and keep your fingers crossed for more snow!

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