Volunteer and Have Some Fun

As a non-profit volunteer-run club, Kanata Nordic depends on its members to support club activities and programs by volunteering. The success of the club depends on member contributions and involvement. This helps keep membership fees as low as possible.

Volunteering can be very rewarding – often you get back more than you put in. Examples of rewards include developing new skills, meeting new friends and contacts, feelings of personal pride and accomplishment, opportunities to share knowledge and skills, being part of a community and, of course, just having fun.

Volunteer Commitment

Members are strongly encouraged to volunteer. When registering, you can note your area(s) of interest and the Volunteer coordinator will contact you with more information. Examples of volunteer commitments include:

  • Each adult  is expected to volunteer at least 6 hours to the Club a year.
  • A Parent of a child (or children) participating in a Kanata Nordic Learn to Ski Program is expected to volunteer at least 14 hours to the Club a year.
  • A Parent of a child (or children) participating in a Kanata Nordic Racing Program is expected to volunteer at least 30 hours to the Club a year.
  • A family with multiple children participating in different Kanata Nordic Programs only have to meet the volunteer commitment for the child in the most senior Program.

Volunteer hours will be tracked throughout the year. This will help improve the Club’s ability to plan current and future activities and events.

Volunteer opportunities are available to suit everyone’s time, schedule and skill set.

Examples of areas where volunteers are needed include:

  • Coaching/Assistant Coaching (e.g. dryland training, on-snow ski sessions)
  • Trail and Facility Support (e.g., trail maintenance, trail development, grooming, equipment maintenance)
  • Club Administration (e.g., finance, registration, governance)
  • Promotions (e.g., newsletter, social media, website development and maintenance, club clothing, photography, finding sponsors)
  • Club Events (e.g., Pretzel Sprint Race, Ski Sale and Swap, Divisional Races, Banquet, AGM, social activities)
  • Program Support (e.g., group leaders, hot chocolate duty, Jackrabbit Fun Day, onsite first aid)
  • Community Programs (helping organize and lead ski and snowshoe sessions for various community groups, such as ones serving newcomers, lower income households, youth)
  • Rental Shop Staff (to rent ski packages and snowshoes, and provide information about Kanata Nordic and the trail network)

For more information or if you have an idea of other volunteer opportunities not listed above, please contact kanatanordicvolunteer@gmail.com .

Volunteer With Us And Have Fun!
Hollyburn Jackrabbits depend on parents to run and operate the Club. We need coaches of all levels. New coaches are partnered with experienced coaches. You’ll have fun and improve your ski technique by attending our free certification course and regular upgrade clinics. We also need parents to help with many non-skiing jobs. Join our fun-loving group of volunteers! Share your knowledge and enthusiasm!