Kanata Nordic shines at the Gatineau Loppet

Wow; what an excellent weekend for the Club at the Gloppet. Dev: Please pass on my congrats to the Track Attackers.

Despite some very tough waxing conditions on Saturday and a very tough ski up the Pink’s Lake hill on Sunday there were some remarkable results. To put Sunday’s ski into perspective, when I first started to skate ski, I decided about 6 years ago that I was reasonably fit an knew what I was doing enough to enter the Keskinada 29 km skate. The course started with the same route that today’s 10 km skate followed. About 1/2 up Pink’s Lake Hill, I was sucking wind so badly that I had to stop to catch my breath before I carried on. It was very humbling to see everyone carry on, and a great learning experience for me. Needless to say our young athletes did something that 90% of their peers could not, and I challenge all the parents to take this hill on.

My congratulations go to everyone, but I feel compelled to mention a few specifics. (I do apologize if I missed anyone)

On Saturday in the 5 km classic 12-13 girls Natasha took the gold, Katie D the silver and Sabrina the bronze (a KN sweep). Brendon H won a gold in his age group, as did Shelby H. Michela Cotaras had a great race and took home a bronze medal; way to go. Alex B averaged 18.8 kph and Elyse C. 16.6 kph (and missed the bronze by less than 10 seconds); trying skiing these speeds when your grip wax slips more that it grips!

On Sunday there were three gold medal winners: Brendon H, Shelby H, and Aidan K. Jonathan M. took the bronze in the 12-13 boys skate, Jeremy C took a silver, and Katie M was a close 4th in her age group. Others that conquered the “Hill” (a remarakble achievement to say the least) include Brandon P, Elyse C., Marta K, Hannah Z., Anna and Geoffrey V., Matthew P, and Kathyrn F. Alex B. managed the 10 k race at an average speed of 16.2 kph, try doing that up 2 km of uphill.

Lastly congrats to Michelle Charrier for being one of those parents who took the challenge by completing the 16 k Classic and found out first hand the work our athletes put into racing. And of course congrats to the other parents that put on the skis.

It was a great weekend and congratulations for everyone and their effort. Well done, I am proud of each and everyone of you for your achievements but also for how you represented the Club both on and off the race course.


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