KN Para-Nordic program at opening of the Sir John A Macdonald Winter Trail

Post by Kanata Nordic Para-nordic skier Maria Borys

P1120012On Monday January 9 we were invited to represent the Para-Nordic program at the opening of the Sir John A Macdonald Winter Trail from the Canadian War Museum to Westboro Beach. Three of us – at different levels of ability – were there in support of Para-skiing: Troy, Rajiv and myself. The beginning was a bit challenging, there was no one to meet us at the Parking and the museum was closed for maintenance this week, so we were questioning whether it was a good idea… It took us a while to figure out where the event was and what equipment was available/needed.

The volunteers and the organizer (“Groomer Dave) were all gathered upstairs at the River entrance of the museum. He had borrowed a sit ski from our club and was all set and ready.

I sat on the sit-ski, strapped myself in and the next thing I know I’m in the middle of a group of eager able-bodied skiers who are pushing me over the hill and ooooops! down I go sideways. The snow is soft and in no time I’m pushed back up. This time I actually ski (thank you Kate and Emily and Margarita for all the coaching!!) and I half-manage to stay on the trail. It is a challenging change from the flat, even surface of Terry Fox Athletic Facility, to the uneven and sloped-down trail at Sir John A Macdonald, but the scenery, the fresh air and the company make it worthwhile. The trail isn’t really setup for a novice sit-skier as myself, and I appreciate the volunteers who help turn me around for the way back. A fun start for a good season. Now I am even more motivated to gain strength and technique – perhaps someday I will venture out there on my own. In the meantime, my Wednesday nights are the highlight of my Winter, I look forward to the sit-skiing practice, the camaraderie of the participants, the familiar environment at Terry Fox and the encouragement of Margarita, Emily and everyone on the team.

P.S. I dragged my Mom since she’s on her last days of her Christmas holidays (she lives in Mexico). Mom was  quite impressed with the landscape around the War Museum and snapped some pictures.

Cheers and hope,

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