Beginning January 9, 2021, weekend access to Kanata Nordic trails will be reserved for MEMBERS ONLY.

Membership Fees

Family is considered to be one or two adults of the same household and their dependent children under the age of 21 years (as of Dec 31st of the current registration year). All family memberships must have at least one individual above 19 years old listed. Fee: $185

Couple is considered to be two members of the same household with at least one adult. Fee: $160

Adult – Individual memberships are available to anyone 19 years of age or older. Fee: $110

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Fee-in-lieu of volunteer work: All adult members are expected to contribute to helping the club run by volunteering. There are a range of volunteer opportunities throughout the year that can be done onsite or at home. Those who cannot contribute time can pay a fee-in-lieu of volunteering: $60 for family memberships, $40 for couple memberships, $30 for individual memberships. Parents of athletes in the Racing Program cannot choose this option as the program need is too great. You can select this option at registration.

Included in the membership fees are $10 to Nordiq Canada and $8 to XC Ski Ontario for every individual. Our district, the National Capital Division, is the only one in Ontario that doesn’t add its own levy. Members 5 years old and under do not have these fees.

What do the fees cover? As a member, you are part of a community which provides skill development programming, coaching and official development, support for Ontario athletes internationally and domestically, financial support for student athletes, club development support, Para-Nordic programming and development, comprehensive insurance coverage including Directors and Officers insurance, and more.

Refund / Cancellation Policy: Membership fees are non-refundable.

  • Learn-to-ski (LTS) program registration fees will be refunded, less a 20% administration fee, within the first 14 days of the start of the program. No refunds will apply to withdrawals on or after the 14th day. To obtain a refund, please contact
  • Teen Skate program registration fees will be refunded, less a 20% administration fee, within the first 14 days of the on-snow component of the program. No refunds will apply to withdrawals on or after the 14th day. To obtain a refund, please contact
  • Kanata Nordic Racing Program registration fees will be refunded at a pro-rated amount less 20% retained to cover the club’s associated administration costs up until December 31st of the season. To obtain a refund please contact by December 31, 2021.

Please note:

  • Kanata Nordic reserves the right to cancel any programs with insufficient registration or without volunteer leaders. In this case every effort will be made to find an equivalent program or a refund will be offered.
  • Kanata Nordic programs are subject to the will of Mother Nature. We follow Nordiq Canada’s weather guidelines in terms of program cancellation. This means programs will be cancelled if conditions are unsafe or temperatures are below acceptable limits. We attempt to reschedule cancelled events but at the discretion of group leaders. The Club will attempt to give its members as much notice as possible for program changes caused by inclement weather or adverse conditions.
  • In the event that program instruction days are cancelled by Kanata Nordic at the direction of Provincial or Municipal authorities in response to the COVID health emergency and classes cannot be rescheduled in the current ski season, credit will be given for a portion of the program fee towards 2022-2023 registration fees.

Membership Benefits

Since 1979, Kanata Nordic has supported cross-country skiing in the National Capital Region through trail development and a range of ski programs and activities for all ages. Kanata Nordic members make it a friendly, community-oriented club with a passion for making Ottawa winters more fun through cross-country skiing.

As a Kanata Nordic member you can:

As a non-for-profit club we ensure that our budgeting is strategically developed. Our membership fees go to support:

  • Club insurance
  • Club infrastructure
  • Coaching and leader development
  • Club development and administration

If you have any questions related to membership or registration please contact

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Family Membership $185

Enjoy cross-country skiing with the whole family

For a family of two adults and their dependant children. All family memberships must have at least one member 19 years of age or older

Note: This is a flat-fee. No individual fees will be added for including all family members who wish to ski & participate in club activities.


Adult Membership $110

Enjoy being active skiing this season!

For individuals 19 years of age or older. (Persons under 19 years of age cannot be registered for an adult individual membership.)


Couple Membership $160

For two individuals living at the same residence, one of whom is 19 years of age or older.