National Capital Division’s AGM, April 22, 2018

Letter from National Capital Division (NCD) President, Thom Lyon

To our Local XC-Ski Clubs,

I’m writing to inform you of the upcoming NCD AGM and to encourage you to encourage volunteers from within each of your clubs for the board.  The volunteer effort required for NCD board positions are relatively small and the few meetings during a year are in a warm, comfortable room (Hopefully this makes the roles more appealing).

The NCD serves all 15 clubs in the National Capital Region and over 80% of our effort and almost all of our spending are on the NCD Race Series, Coach Development, Race Officials Development, race/timing equipment and Para Nordic programs that raise the quality of ski programs and race events for all of us.

I know that this is not a lot of advance notice, but I would like to announce the National Capital District’s AGM is to be held this upcoming Sunday, April 22nd, at 4:00p.m. at 76 Renfrew Avenue, Ottawa.

The objective of the meeting will be the renewal of most of the Director roles on the Board prior to the XCSO AGM May 11th to 13th.

5 Established Roles requiring volunteers:

  • Chair – held the past three years by me
  • Director of High Performance – held the past three years by Doug Ranahan
  • Director of Communications – vacant the past two seasons
  • Secretary – vacant the past season
  • Treasurer – vacant the past season

2 new positions to be discussed, and if created during the AGM, to be filled:

  • Director of Race Series – The creation of this role would split the responsibilities of the Director of High Performance, which is currently the heaviest of the Board’s roles.
  • Director of Community Development – The creation of this role would focus on the promotion of Cross Country Skiing within the Area and in making the sport accessible.

Position remaining filled by previously elected Directors include the following:

  • Director of Coach Development – Geoff Tomlinson
  • Director of Club/Member Support – Craig Storey
  • Director of ParaNordic – Margarita Gorbounova

Items for discussion at the AGM:

  • The creation of two new positions (listed above)
  • The election of new directors
  • The delay of Financial Report to September 2018
  • The increase of Race fees to $2.00 per racer from the current $1.00 per NCD Youth Racer

For anyone wishing to attend through a conference call I will get a number posted on later this week.



Thom Lyon

Chair, National Capital District of Cross Country Ontario

Cell 613-601-3965

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