Tips to get the most out of your lessons

Those two hours with Kanata Nordic on Saturday afternoons can make or break how you and your children feel about xc skiing and whether or not it will spur everyone on to being ‘active for life’, as our Club strives to achieve. Here are a few tips for making those lesson times a success.

1.  Be well‐prepared beforehand: label ski equipment (many kids have the exact same gear), pack a healthy snack, and do a pre‐ski bathroom trip.

2. Once you have the Jackrabbit ‘FUNdamentals’ program book (which skiers receive at Level One and should keep throughout the four levels) review the various goals for your child’s level. There are stickers awarded for ski outings outside of lesson time so be sure to track those.

3. Attend lessons regularly, so your kids get to know others in their group and don’t fall behind.

4. Arrive early at the lessons. It’s a good time to ask the coach any questions you might have, and the kids can chat a bit and settle in. Some kids do better when arriving before the whole gang is there. If it’s cold the leaders will get the kids moving with some fun activities to keep them warm.

Above all come with a smile and an eagerness to participate and the fun is sure to follow!

Originally written for Kanata Nordic News newsletter. 

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