Bunnyrabbit & Jackrabbit

Used equipment sale at Mooney’s Bay

Lafleur's at The Terry Fox Athletic Facility is hosting a pre-season xc ski sale on Sat. Dec 8 from 10am until 4pm. Click here or on the poster for more details.   More

Coaching Workshops

Here is a summary of the coaching workshops scheduled in Ontario so far. Community Coaching November 24/25 Deep River; Ottawa (Nakkertok) December 1/2 Sault Ste. Marie December 6 and 8 Parry Sound December 7/8 Sudbury December 8/9 Highlands Nordic, Duntroon December 15/16 Huntsville L2T Dryland November 17/18 Sault Ste. Marie L2T On Snow January 26/27 Sault Ste. Marie More information on these workshops is on the XCSO website. Contact Katja Mathys with any questi... More

Coaching course – free to all leaders

All on-snow leaders should have at least a basic level of training. To that end, Kanata Nordic is offering a certified Community Coaching course, from Cross-Country Ski de fond Canada. It's free to any volunteers who are leading or assisting this season. The course is being hosted at Nakkertok South, Saturday Nov. 24 from 12:30 - 6:30pm and Sunday Nov. 25 from 12:00 - 6:00pm. They will have snow! (Thanks to their snow-making equipment.) The instructor will be the engaging and very knowledg... More

Equipment rentals

[This has been updated to reflect new information: please see http://www.kanatanordic.ca/trails/equipment-rentals/] Kanata Nordic doesn't currently have xc skiing or snowshoe equipment for rent. We hope to in the future. In the meantime, we can recommend the following knowledgeable retailers. We suggest you call ahead to determine availability. Fresh Air Experience (xc ski gear) MEC (xc ski gear and snowshoes) Kunstadt Sports (xc ski gear) More

Feb 6, 2016 All Learn to Ski Programs at Wesley Clover Parks are CANCELLED

Hello BR, JR and Dyna Parents After a trip back from Wesley Clover Parks,  the Club has decided that all Learn to Ski classes for Sat Feb 6 2016 are  cancelled due to unsafe conditions.   The heavy rain earlier in the week, followed by the cooler temperature, had turned the whole of  WCParks into a sheet of ice.   All  trails and fields leading from 401 Corkstown Road are CLOSED for skiing. Trails leading from 411 Corkstown Road are CLOSED or Fair, at best. If you are anxious to ... More

JR2 Group shares ‘What they like about the Jackrabbit 2 Program’

During lesson 4’s hot chocolate break, the group of JR 2s (led by Don, Martin and Jasi) was asked: What do you like about the JR 2 program at Kanata Nordic? Here are some responses from the kids: We play games like  soccer while on skis We get to ski up and down hills, on the Pretzel course and we even climbed over a big tree log I saw deer foot prints and lots of squirrels in the woods I like to ski with my friends and the leaders. My dad was not here to ski today, but it was ... More

JR3 Group shares ‘What they like about the Jackrabbit 3 Program’

During lesson 3's hot chocolate break,  Tim and Trent's group of JR3s were asked: What do you like about the JR 3 program at Kanata Nordic? Here are some responses from the young skiers: I get to ski fast and furious with my dad, who is one of the leaders We get to ski through different trails and there was one trail that had lots of trees (Note to Reader: that would be the Trails 103 and 104 ; so if you have not skied out there, make sure you do) We played a game called Cops ... More

JR4 Group shares ‘What they like about the JR4 Program’

During the Hot Chocolate break at Lesson 2,  we asked the skiers in Michael's JR 4 group:  What do you like about the Jackrabbit (JR) Level 4 program at Kanata Nordic?. Here are some of the children's responses: I liked skiing through the trails even though it was a bit rainy today We get to learn to Classic ski and Skate ski We get unlimited Hot Chocolate and marshmallows (Note to Readers: not quite unlimited. The kids are served 6-8 ounces of Hot Chocolate and they may have more ... More

Parking for Saturday Lessons

WCParks has created a Third parking area for KN members to use on saturday afternoons, so that the original main parking area can be used by WCP staff and riders only. Bunnies should use the THIRD parking entrance (second on the left), so that they have the shortest walk to the protected bunny area. All other skiers can use the first 2 parking areas ( all parking areas now marked), and avoid parking in the main stable parking area. Please park in a way that is conscious of letting ... More

Tips to get the most out of your lessons

Those two hours with Kanata Nordic on Saturday afternoons can make or break how you and your children feel about xc skiing and whether or not it will spur everyone on to being ‘active for life’, as our Club strives to achieve. Here are a few tips for making those lesson times a success. 1.  Be well‐prepared beforehand: label ski equipment (many kids have the exact same gear), pack a healthy snack, and do a pre‐ski bathroom trip. 2. Once you have the Jackrabbit ‘FUNdamentals’ ... More