JR3 Group shares ‘What they like about the Jackrabbit 3 Program’

During lesson 3’s hot chocolate break,  Tim and Trent’s group of JR3s were asked: What do you like about the JR 3 program at Kanata Nordic? Here are some responses from the young skiers:
  • I get to ski fast and furious with my dad, who is one of the leaders
  • We get to ski through different trails and there was one trail that had lots of trees (Note to Reader: that would be the Trails 103 and 104 ; so if you have not skied out there, make sure you do)
  • We played a game called Cops and Robbers
  • We get to train on the Pretzel Course, so that we can be ready for the Race
  • We get to drink hot chocolate here; which is great because I do not get hot chocolate at home
Because the JR 3 group gave us so many excellent reasons (even though we needed only 3), they have earned a special treat at lesson 4 hot chocolate break.
At lesson 4 hot chocolate break, we will ask the JR 2 group the same question to find out what they think. We will continue with this question each week until we hear from the Bunny Rabbits.
Stay tuned to learn what our kids are thinking!


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