JR4 Group shares ‘What they like about the JR4 Program’

During the Hot Chocolate break at Lesson 2,  we asked the skiers in Michael’s JR 4 group:  What do you like about the Jackrabbit (JR) Level 4 program at Kanata Nordic?. Here are some of the children’s responses:
  • I liked skiing through the trails even though it was a bit rainy today
  • We get to learn to Classic ski and Skate ski
  • We get unlimited Hot Chocolate and marshmallows (Note to Readers: not quite unlimited. The kids are served 6-8 ounces of Hot Chocolate and they may have more if they ask our Hot Chocolate Ladies nicely)
  • We played a game called “Missing Donkey”. ( This is your chance to ask a JR 4 to explain that game to you)
Because the JR 4 group displayed so much spirit and enthusiasm, they will receive a special treat at Lesson 3 Hot Chocolate Break.
At Lesson 3 Hot Chocolate break, we will ask the JR 3 group the same question to find out what they think. We will continue with this question each week until we hear from everyone right down to the keen Bunnyrabbits!
Stay tuned to lean what our kids are thinking.

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