JR2 Group shares ‘What they like about the Jackrabbit 2 Program’

During lesson 4’s hot chocolate break, the group of JR 2s (led by Don, Martin and Jasi) was asked: What do you like about the JR 2 program at Kanata Nordic? Here are some responses from the kids:

  • We play games like  soccer while on skis
  • We get to ski up and down hills, on the Pretzel course and we even climbed over a big tree log
  • I saw deer foot prints and lots of squirrels in the woods
  • I like to ski with my friends and the leaders. My dad was not here to ski today, but it was still so much fun.

Because the JR 2 group were so adventurous and energetic, they have earned a special treat at lesson 5 hot chocolate break.

We will continue with this question each week until we hear from everyone, right down to the Bunny Rabbits.

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